Krafty Kuts

    After his phenomenal set at KC in 2009 we wanted more, so making his return at KC this year we present Krafty Kuts. From humble beginnings Krafty Kuts is now one of the big players on the
    world’s club scene DJing alongside The Prodigy, Fatboy Slim and even the Rolling Stones. With one of Krafty’s tracks currently being used in a cocacola ad and his label “Against
    the Grain” going from strength to strength, Krafty Kuts is a bass-heavy force to be reckoned with. 

    Effortessly maintaining hierarchy status in every genre across breaks, electro, dupstep, drum & bass and hip-hop, Krafty's sets represent mash-up in its truest form. He is the maestro of
    party sets!

    2011 is set to be one of Krafty's biggest yet with him hitting every major global festival and world tours mapped out too.

    Get your dancing shoes on and get ready to have your hands in the air as Krafty drops tune after tune!




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