Lumberjack Cowboy Heartbreak Trucking Co.

    Claimed to be “Like the Waltons on drugs” this US band that are not all they seem, on one hand they appear as a deep south American Jesus-lovin’ God fearin’ set of brothers and sisters, on the other, they’re as irreverent as they come.

    Of Lynyrd Skynyrd tightness, their back porch of Alt Country Punk Disco songs with great tempo changes, build ups, catchy vocals and harmonies will have you singing along for days.

    LCHTC are a fitting addition to the Woodlands stage, be sure to join them in raising your arms to Jesus whilst chanting about murder and shooting 3 legged cows… Fingers crossed they steer clear of shooting the deer.

    Check out their catchy foot tappin’ track Pony –

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