• "I loved Kendal Calling!"  - Mark Chadwick, The Levellers

  • "Amazing setting, lovely people, great mix of music & a real ale tent right next to where I was DJing!"  - Mr Scruff

  • "It's unlike any other festival. One of the highlights of summer!"  - The Charlatans

  • Best Medium Festival 2013 & 2016 Best Small Festival 2010 & 2011, Best Toilets 2015!

  • "Run to the hills for this small, family-friendly indie-dance festival. Small but beautifully formed"  - The Independent

  • "Kendal Calling is the best small festival in anywhere and everywhere!"  - Seasick Steve

  • "Kendal Calling is loved as much for its breathtaking setting in rolling green fields as for its top-notch lineup"  - Sunday Times

  • "It's like Glastonbury at its best!! Happy beautiful people from the north. Long live Kendal Calling!"  - Doves

The release of two albums in 2013 launched KOFFIE into the world of festivals and has since toured nonstop throughout Holland. Koffie built a festival reputation as a band that knows how to inspire both with virtuosic improvisations and renowned Afrobeat grooves as well making a good party.


From the North Sea Jazz Festival,Black Cross by Pole Pole in Belgium, to the Blue Balls Festival in Switzerland; KOFFIE proved themselves as a pacesetter bringing together the worlds of pop and jazz music. KOFFIE’s singles Kyrie Aye and EH Lady were played frequently on Radio 6 / Sublime FM and the band could announce their

second album with a performance at the World Keeps Turning. After three years of touring for KOFFIE the time has come to re-entering the studio.


Before writing this third album, which will be released end of 2016, KOFFIE has strengthened the throbbing groove machine with two additional members. Florisvan der Vlugt joined Itai Weissman on horns, and Vernon Chatlein on the percussion section with Steven Brezet to create an even fuller sound. Eight of the boys now

go even deeper, diving into the world of Afro grooves and expect nothing less than an album what Fela

would have even turned gray. KOFFIE’s music is not easily put into a box. It is not pure afrobeat, pop, funk or jazz

because it’s all these styles together and that makes KOFFIE a surprising act on both the pop, jazz and electronica festivals. On the one hand there is Valentine (guitar), Daniel (bass) and Abe (drums) creating the afro funk section with roots in Amsterdam’s pop scene on Fela Kuti, and James Brown-inspired grooves bringing the

energy of the old Red Hot Chilli Peppers. On the other is the KOFFIE virtuoso instrumentalists with the rhythmic block percussionists Steven Brezet and Vernon Chatlein and jazz master saxophonists Itai Weissman, Floris van de Vlugt and keyboardist Niels Broos. It is precisely this distinctive blend the power of KOFFIE.