• This year at Kendal we have an overall goal of reducing fuel usage from 2023 by 15-20%.  To achieve our goal we have employed a Power Manager to actively work with stakeholders in advance and onsite to ensure they are being as efficient as possible with energy use, including encouraging unnecessary items to be turned off when not needed, and monitoring and compiling data on power usage to help identify future potential savings.
  • We are increasing use of solar, battery and load on demand solutions, especially during longer build and break periods, and are using efficient LED lighting solutions wherever possible across the site.
  • In 2015 we co-founded the Ecolibrium Initiative, as part of our commitment and along with your support we will continue to donate to the development of renewable energy projects across the globe through our carbon offset payments.
  • The decor team will be focused on reusing and recycling prior festival materials rather than using brand new products. When new materials are required, the emphasis is on renting goods as close to the festival site as possible, and on using sustainable materials, and incorporating local artisans wherever possible.
  • As in 2022, all 12km of festoon lighting used around the festival has been changed to LEDs, reducing our energy consumption by up to 90%.