This year the reusable ONE planet ONE cup scheme will return, together with a newly added token system for the times when you don’t want to carry around an empty cup. 

By participating in the reusable cup scheme, you are helping to reduce waste and emissions at Kendal Calling! Event Cup Solutions is a Climate-Certified company who washes the cups locally, using water efficient machines, at facilities powered by renewable energy, and the remaining carbon impact is off-set by green initiatives.  The tokens and cups are used at other events and any damaged cups are ground and remade into new cups.


1. You pay a ONE-OFF charge of £2 on top of the price of your first drink, this covers the rental of the cup for the whole festival. You shouldn’t need to pay this more than once.

2. Keep a hold of your cup and exchange it for a new one the next time it’s your round! If you don’t want to carry your cup round, you can exchange it at the bars for a token instead, this can then be redeemed for a cup later on, preventing you from paying another £2.

At the end of the festival, hand the cup back to a dedicated collection point so that we can reuse the cup at the next event, keeping the circular economy moving.

And better still, for every 1,000 cups returned, Event Cup Solutions will plant a tree in the UK!