• Single use plastic is banned on site so all drinks will be served in recycled or compostable cups saving up to a tonne of carbon emissions every 10,000 cups saved. 
  • All our traders and caterers are provided with recycling and food waste bins to dispose of waste as efficiently as possible. The more we can recycle, the less goes to landfill!
  • All of our food traders have committed to serving at least one vegetarian/vegan meal. They have also been encouraged to use local produce where possible! Vegetarian meals contribute 2.5x less carbon emissions than those with meat.
  • Some traders are offering a discount if you have a reusable cup or your own vessel for food. So you can save carbon and your money at the same time!
  • All trader crockery and serve-ware is compostable i.e. wooden cutlery and stirrers.
  • Did you know 10% of global greenhouse gasses comes from food that is produced, but not eaten? To further reduce our food waste, we are working with organisations like Open Kitchen MCR who can put it to good use and avoid it going to landfill.


  • The sale of single use plastic is banned on site so all water served will be in cups or recyclable cans. 
  • We have more free drinking water points which are even easier to find, with clear signage.