looking ahead!

We are incredibly committed to making Kendal Calling one of the most sustainable festivals in the country, especially given the beautiful environment we are trusted with each year. While all of the above is a fantastic start and we hope it will have a great impact on our carbon footprint, and on the site at the end of the weekend, here is a list of other opportunities we’d like to explore in future years.


  • We will continue increasing our recycling rates of paper and cans across the festival site by improving our signage and waste provision to make it as easy as possible for festival go-ers to recycle .
  • In 2024, Kendal Calling achieved zero waste to landfill. In the future, we want to expand on the recycling rates so less is used as fuel pellets.


  • We hope to introduce Zero Waste Campsites which will be entirely waste free!


  • A future aim for Kendal Calling would be to use waste water run off directly on site to supply water to an orchard or farmland to reduce travel miles of the waste water.
  • Building the capability on site to harvest and treat rainwater which could then be used for shower water during Kendal Calling.
  • Developing the technology and processes to accurately monitor the distribution and use of any water used by the catering team to identify where water savings can be made.


  • We are working on a plan to reduce our reliance on generators and instead focusing on battery storage technology.
  • We will work closely with our traders, suppliers and production team to understand how we can use renewable energy (solar and wind) to help reduce reliance on generators / diesel.
  • Exploring the idea of solar powered charging points for festival go-ers throughout the site.

food and drink

  • We are considering how we might put the infrastructure in place to compost any remaining food waste and use it as compost for the Deer Park, or a nearby orchard that’s planted, rather than sending it to a waste facility.
  • Another ambition is to use the heat produced from the decomposing plant material and in future years, heat the festival shower water.