better not stop

We’ve really had to do our research for this campaign but to really maximise our knowledge, we have enlisted the help of our friends at betternotstop. An experienced sustainability agency, to ensure we are doing everything we can to minimise our environmental impact. Here is a few words from their founder, Hannah Cox.

betternotstop is a sustainable impact agency based in Manchester, UK. Our mission is to empower all businesses to deliver positive, sustainable actions for the environment and society. 

We have loved working alongside the Kendal Calling team to create, embed and deliver a full range of positive impact initiatives, some behind the scenes and others visible right across the festival site! 

Our team has over two decades experience working in live events. We are really excited about all the positive impact Kendal Calling and the Leave Nothing But Memories campaign will have. 

We surveyed 100 UK Music Festivals to compile our social and environmental impact report ‘It’s More Than Music’.

The More Than Music report looks at the publicly available data, as well as insights from industry experts, for 100 UK Music Festivals. It explores sustainability and impact in the UK music festival industry as it currently stands. We have written it with an eco-conscious reader in mind and want it to be accessible to all. betternotstop’s aim is to showcase the amazing work the music festival sector is already doing, but ground it in some of the alarming facts we uncovered.

Hopefully, as you read this it will be obvious what we need to do to make our collective actions even bigger and bolder! And remember, whilst reading it consider how you (yes you!) can take positive action to make your music festival or festival experience this summer even more impactful…