Each year Kendal Calling embraces a new theme, from The Summer of Love to Outer Space – the festival has truly been all over the place! As part of our festivities, we gather on the Sunday to experience the wonders of our annual carnival parade – a weaving trail of artists, dancers and performers providing a feast for the eyes and ears!

Our annual tradition has taken on new heights in recent years. A spectacle to behold as over 200 artists and participants from across Cumbria join together in a procession of brass, drums and dance alongside large scale puppetry from the internationally renowned carnival artists, Global Grooves.

The perfect Sunday pick me up with a riot of colour, sound and energy. Don your fanciest dress and join the back of the procession to dance your way across the festival site, or greet the carnival as it arrives.

Everyone is invited but for those with tiny legs who may want something slower paced, we also have a family specific parade from Kids Calling, replete with puppets and the mighty Batala samba band. See Kids Calling page.

With thanks to Eden Dance, Drum Nation, Bjamba, Kendal Dance Academy, Blast Furnace & More Music.